If you were to stop anyone on the street, from the average Joe to the material scientist, they would state that they understand what numbers are. They do indeed have an understanding of number (they're not lying, after all) and if pressed for a specific answer, they might say something along the lines of "numbers are symbols of comparative quantity". Let's take the dictionary definition of 'number' (noun) meaning: an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations. So, what if the person you stopped on the street was not an average Joe or material scientist?

Well, then they're likely a metaphysical scientist or a numerologist and numbers to them (and possibly you now) assume a much more profound significance. The key difference between a material scientist and a metaphysical scientist is that the material scientist wields their logical left-brain to understand and manipulate the physical realm whereas the metaphysical scientist is occupied by the basic fundamental structure of reality. My brother, for example, is an engineer firmly rooted in the physical sciences. Other physical science fields include, but are not limited to, the likes of chemistry, earth sciences like geology, geography, mechanics and manufacturing. Metaphysics on the other hand is anything non-physical which impacts the physical such as consciousness and the questioning of existence itself. Both fields, of course, are important. Though I prefer (and I'm sure so do you, if you're reading this) metaphysics as I personally believe the most important two questions for any scientist worth their salt should be:

  1. What is the source of everything in the universe? and
  2. Where does that source originate from?

Humanity is becoming unified in its agreement on the answer to question one being 'consciousness' and is slowly giving up -- we can only hope, one generation at a time -- on warring and crusading over the answers (all wrong, by the way) that we've put forward thus far to question two. And, by we, I mean a select few ancient teachers such as Christ, Buddha, Krishna et al. Though we should be under no illusion that as time's unfolded from their days to ours - we've lost the actual meanings behind their teachings and weaponised the allegories and mythologies that they left behind to progress the agendas and ideologies of religions. So, who knows, maybe their answers were right. Alas, we can't ask them - we can only ask ourselves with our own intuition. Ironically, just like they did. However we do indeed have an advantage, believe it or not, in this Great era of knowledge and our access to it - as we can look back through history (such as the history of numerology itself) and begin to lay out the inherent meanings in as many fundamentals of our universe as we physically can. I, for no logical reason that a material scientist can empathise with, am starting with numerology.

The essential (basic) metaphysics behind numerology

To truly understand numerology, you must first know the original arcane meanings taught 2,500 years ago by Pythagoras. The core numbers represent aspects of what it is to be human. In numerology, all numbers develop and derive from -- and are connected to -- the absolute number one. As this number represents the expression of the human ego; without which human life is expressionless and would cease to exist. The only numbers in numerology are the following:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five
  • six
  • seven
  • eight
  • nine
  • zero (a symbol, rather than a number)
  • 11 (master number)
  • 22 (master number)
  • 33 (master number)

One is the first physical number. As the only absolute number, it is the symbol of divine expression. It is the key to verbal selfexpression and the expression of the ego as a microcosm of the divine (the macrocosm). It is the key to our communication skills.

Two is the first spiritual (feeling) number. It represents the duality of humans and symbolises the gateway to our sensitivities, as well as our need to be part of a pair. It is the number of intuition.

Three is the first mind (thinking) number. Following the primary verbal (1) and intuitive (2) expressions comes the mental. It is the gateway to the conscious mind and to rational understanding, the focus of left-brain activity, the key to memory. The number 3 is symbolised by the triangle, representing the connection of mind, soul and body.

Four is the number at the centre of the physical (doing) plane, the key to orderliness, practicality and organising. It is symbolised by the square, the basis of all practical construction.

Five is the centre of the soul (feeling) plane and the very centre of the total Birth Chart. It is the spiritual number representing love and freedom of expression.

Six is the centre of the mind (thinking) plane, where it represents creativity, the integration of the left and right lobes of the brain. It also represents the opposite of creativity - destruction. This is "negative" creativity expressed as worry, stress, anxiety and depression.

Seven is the symbol of the temple, the human body and its seven chakras or power centres. It is the teaching learning number, the number of practical philosophical experience. Such learning is usually acquired through sacrifice as the means of indelible instruction.

Eight is the most active spiritual number, situated at the active end of the soul plane. It is the number of wisdom expressed intuitively through loving action. It brings independence into focus.

Nine is the three-fold number at the action end of the mind plane. As mind in action, it represents ambition (the physical aspect), responsibility (the thinking aspect) and idealism (the spiritual aspect), and so combines the attributes of each of the previous numbers.

Zero is a symbol rather than a number. The 0 is present in many birth dates and has an important symbolic significance. Philosophically and mathematically, it represents nothing (as the numerator) and everything (as the denominator), the two infinite ends of the finite, neither of which is physically attainable. Thus, it is a totally mystical symbol, indicative of the degree of spiritual mysticism inherent (but rarely developed) in the individual. Anyone who has one or more zeros in their birth date has an inherent spirituality that they should recognise, for it has the potential to assist them in understanding many of the deeper aspects of life (such as life's purpose, the power of thought and the process of reincarnation).

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