soul urge number 11

Also known as hearts desire number 11

Your wisdom goes beyond your age

The 11, also known as a Master Number adds a lot of intuition and sensitivity.

You were born to be a peacemaker. You have a strong desire to resolve conflicts and bring harmony. You had a deep understanding of the world as a young child. However, it was probably not recognized by others.

You are both a healer, and a visionary. You want to change the world and can't rest until you dedicate your life to a worthwhile cause.

An 11 Soul Urge's realm is ideas and philosophy.

Your interests lie more in the realm of energy than the material or mechanical planes. You are particularly interested in philosophy, religion and alternative healing methods. Your quest for enlightenment is your obsession. You are highly intuitive and sensitive.

You are very aware of the subtle messages and feelings others convey. You can sense the feelings and thoughts of others. This can be a very emotional experience if you're not grounded.

You can have a dual awareness, as you want to be liked by others and maintain harmony in your surroundings.

Many people with Soul Urge 11 came from families that were hostile or turbulent.

This can lead to psychological pain, lack confidence and shyness in childhood. The child with a 11 Soul Urge was able to recognize the source of the family's problems.

The child was unable to cope with the parent's behavior, even though he loved him. Many 11s suffer from scarring early on in their lives. They are sensitive to the pain of others and want to help in any way they can. It is the easiest and most satisfying way to heal yourself.

You value close, loving relationships. You are very selective when it comes to choosing friends and partners. You are romantic and idealistic but not very practical.

If you don't have any other balancing traits (like the 1s, 8s and 4s that appear in your chart), then it would be wise to partner up with someone who is more realistic and practical. You are charismatic and magnetic.

An 11 Soul Urge enjoys contemplating abstract issues.

Your intelligence is electric. You seem to have a mystical ability to generate ideas, solve problems and invent new things. You feel charged and intense. This can lead to nervous tension. Rest, a calm environment and a healthy diet are all necessary to maintain your nervous system. Avoiding extreme drugs and foods is also important. You tend to be more concerned about the universal justice rather than the individual.