life path number four

You are the salt of the Earth

You are organized and systematic, and you have a controlled and determined approach. Once you commit, you don't give up easily.

You're not a fan of "get-rich-quick" schemes.

You work hard and put in long hours, but you also want to create a strong foundation for your business or career. You are precise, tenacious, and persistent. But you can only achieve success if you put in the effort and overcome your limitations. You hold justice and honesty in high regard. You are dependable and trustworthy, an important cornerstone of the community.

A 4 Life Path may not be an idealist by nature (the 4 is more realistic), but you will work to make the world better in a realistic manner. You can be rigid with your beliefs and judge others too quickly. You are loyal and you work well with other people.

While being a part of a group, it is important to have your own responsibilities and clearly defined tasks. You will perform better if your responsibilities do not overlap with others. Be careful to avoid being rude and bossy. You are a rare combination of discipline and perseverance. Not everyone can keep up.

Money can be handled with care and security, like a nest-egg.

You may find that your love for work leads you to a career very early in life. Your methodical nature can cause you to become rigid and stuck with convention. When changes are needed, you can be too cautious and miss out on opportunities.

Your character must be flexible. You have a good temperament for marriage, and you are often a loving parent. Separation or divorce, for example, can cause you to lose your sense of order. You can easily become obsessed, even vengeful in your pursuit of justice.

You are a survivor and courageous. You are the foundation for any business. You will reap the rewards of your hard work, practical values and traditional ethics.