karmic debt number 13

The 13 Karmic debt will make you work hard to complete any task.

Obstacles are always in your path and you will have to overcome them repeatedly. The futility of your attempts may make you feel frustrated and burdened. You might even give up, believing that the goal is impossible.

Laziness and negativity are the main causes of some people's 13 Karmic debt. Success is within reach, but it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve. Many successful people, in business, sports, art and other fields, have a 13-karmic debt.

Focus is the key to success with the 13 karmic debt

People with a 13 Karmic debt often don't focus their energy in one direction or on a particular task. Instead, they spread their attention across many projects that are not very successful.

The 13 can be a temptation to shortcuts. It is rare to find easy success, which can lead to regret and the urge for giving up. This leads to a negative self-image, and the feeling that you are not capable of much.

Maintaining order is important to your well-being

Keep appointments and stick to your schedule. Always keep your surroundings neat and in order. You will reap the rewards of a consistent and steady effort.

You will be able to count on your co-workers because they are aware of your professionalism. You may be feeling that you are still searching for the job you love and were meant to do.

You may feel that you are not able to discover your true talents. It can cause you to explore many different careers without feeling like you've found your true calling.

It is possible to be rigid and stubborn, refusing new ideas and creativity to enter your rigid adhesion to established methods. You can and will often feel frustrated and repressed by this. The process seems to drag on, especially if you are resistant to introducing new approaches in your tidy and comfortable way of doing things.

You have to maximize what you do right now.

Your ability to keep order in your life and make the most out of any opportunity is key to your success.